The “Canon Loyalty Program”, never pay full price again…


Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Hello everyone I’d like to share a little info about a great discovery I made while taking in one of my DSLR’s to get cleaned at Canon in Irvine, CA.
I discovered through one of the customer reps at the Canon repair center that they were offering a program called the “Canon Loyalty Program”.
This was one of the greatest discoveries of the year for me and allowed me to afford my 5D MKII’s lil’ sister, the EOS 7D.

But before I get started, just keep in mind that this program is only for the U.S. so my apologize for anyone who is not eligible for this:(

About the Loyalty Program:

The cameras are all refurbs’ however not like you think, they are in fact brand new, the reason they are called refurbs is because they are the result of overstock returns or damaged boxes, which they send back to the manufacturer. (In other words, they are not customer returns at all and never fired a shot) When Canon gets these, they cannot be re-sent out to other retailers due to their strict quality control policies.

The only way for Canon not to take a loss from this is by taking the cameras and running them through a strict quality control check about 3 times as strict as the original day they were made.
This ensures that Canon can legally re-distribute all the cameras that pass without getting in trouble for selling a compromised product.

As a friend of mine put it, he used to work for a Canon distribution center and said that a new camera off the assembly line gets about 10-15 seconds of testing per camera feature, which we all know is a lot of testing, but not these Refurbs, he says they give the returned merchandise another “once over” but not like the first time, this time they dedicate up to 10 minutes of testing for every camera feature to make sure it’s not a broken or compromised camera they are selling and therefore not get busted for distributing bad product.

How the Loyalty Program works:

The way it works is that you have to give up any Canon product such as a DSLR or Point n’ Shoot, but they must be ‘Broken’ or ‘Compromised’.
Canon is not fixing or salvaging these cameras, they just use them for their recycling program, so they get some pretty nice tax breaks for this =)

I went to a forum where someone even mentioned that it would be easier to buy a busted point N’ Shoot off eBay or somewhere in case you may not already have a busted Canon camera to exchange.

Honestly when I called and told them the model of the camera I was turning in, they didn’t even ask for a serial number, Ha! …But that may depend on you you speak with.
I would highly recommend you call them first before you make any moves and see what they have in stock and exactly what Point n’ Shoot models they are accepting for the program.

Pricing and Available Refurb’s:

Canon is constantly updating their Refurb stocks,
but may sometimes run out of any given camera model temporarily,
so here is a list of what camera’s are available for purchase with the Loyalty Program:

Rebel XS – (319.99 with kit lens)
Rebel XSi – $335.99 Body only or ($399.99 with kit lens)
Rebel T1i – $455.99 Body only or ($519.99 with kit lens)

EOS 40D – $559.20 Body only or ($719.20 with kit lens)
EOS 50D – $719.20 Body only or ($839.20 with kit lens)
EOS 7D – $1119.20 Body only.
EOS 5D MKII – $1679.20 Body only.(NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
EOS 1D MKIV – $3,999.99

(This was accurate 3 months ago may have changed, but not much, you may also want to ask whet they have in stock, they might update their stock and even get the Rebel T2i or 60D in there.)

Okay, the ordering procedure:

When I ordered my 7D, it was a quick painless phone call.I told them I had an SD800 IS point n’ shoot that had water damage. I mentioned that it still shot, but the mechanics of the focusing where not what they used to be.Then they took my personal info and asked which camera I wanted, after ward they took my payment info and I requested overnight shipping (they offer 2nd day air as the default method of shipment)I got my camera in 3 days(It took 2 days to process my order)The 7D was in a special Canon Box with “Refurbished” labeled on the outside.

This box was inside a bigger brown delivery box. After that, I put my point ‘n shoot in the delivery box and got it ready for delivery. The only major issue I ran into was the fact that they did not email me the return delivery paperwork and I was not going to pay for this, so I had to call them back and forth a few times because even though they did have my correct emails, they still failed to email it to me so they sent me the paperwork via postage, which was meant for UPS and not FedEx like they said over the phone.
The package will be delivered via FedEx though =)

Even though it was a slight headache in the end regarding the sending of my busted Ponit n’ Shoot, it was very much worth it when I realized that I got a new camera for almost $500 less than what I would have paid for new one from a retailer just because of a handy lil’ title of “Refurb” stamped on the box =D
As for my 5D MKII, when I realized that I could have gotten it for $1,000 less than what I paid for mine, I knew that I would never go back to buying new again as long as this program is around =)

The Phone Number:

Canon Loyalty Program: 866-443-8002

Okay folks, that’s about all the info I have. I hope this works out for you, I’m loving my 7D, I don’t think I’ll ever pay full price again as long as this program exists!¬†Oh, one more thing you may wish to know, you can buy up to 3 of the DSLR refurbs a month without getting a red flag at Canon.


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